I Needed a Higher Website Ranking

I used to have a decent ranking on search engines, but all of that changed when search engines redid their algorithms. I went from being in the first few pages to being buried so deep that there was no way anyone would find my site through a search engine search. I did some research to find a way to get back on top, and that is how I found out about an SEO service on WF. The WF is Warrior Forum, and getting people higher in search engine rankings is what they excel at.

I have often been critical of services that claim this, but I couldn’t help but be impressed with some of the testimonials that I read on their site. Not only did current and former clients explain how happy they are or were with the services rendered, but they also backed this up with proof. When I saw that some went from being as buried as deep as my website is and then moved to the first few pages, I was convinced that I had to try this too. What I really liked was that this was a guaranteed service.

Even if I paid and was not happy with the numbers after they worked their magic, I would be able to get a full refund back. It seemed like it was a win win situation for me. I would either get a higher ranking, or I would not have to pay for services I was not happy with. I went ahead and secured their SEO services, and I have not regretted my decision at all. I went from having a pitiful ranking to being back at the top of my game in just less than a month. It is hard to argue with success like that, and I am happy to be back in the game!

Forget Black Friday, It’s All About Cyber Monday!

Most people do their shopping for the holidays on Black Friday, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. This is also when the holiday season kicks off. Electronics are cheap and computer prices are insanely low. I’ve found that when looking for deals, waiting for Cyber Monday was the wisest choice. Cyber Monday laptop deals in particular.

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday. Sites and online businesses put on some great deals for that day and many will market only with online sales. Some sites will run sales all day long while others will have hourly deals all throughout the day. The downside is that there is limited quantity, so if you want something you have to act fast!

Laptops are one of the products that are usually priced very well on Black Friday, but is better on Cyber Monday. In 2013, I was able to get a new laptop for around $200 on Cyber Monday! That same exact laptop was $500 originally and on Black Friday it was $450. I couldn’t believe that the same laptop could be that cheap! In some cases, the same deals will be available on both days, but Cyber Monday might include a little extra like a USB thumb drive or special software that would make it worth the wait. Most, but not all, sales that are available on Black Friday are also available on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday’s sales are also great if you do not want to get out that early in the morning to try and beat a crowd for a product you may or may not get. As well as the lines, parking, and all the other hassles Black Friday brings. It is worth it to wait to see what Cyber Monday sales you can get. Toys, clothes, and all sorts of electronics (especially computers, tablets, and laptops) are on sale with deep discounts.

The Rising Costs for Students

After discovering Reliant Energy in Houston, I found myself in awe of the energy industry here in Texas. As a student who is only going to be here for a handful of years, I am incredibly appreciate of the amount of competition which exists within this industry. it’s easy for Texas to have this sort of quality of energy industry due to the sheer amount of natural resources that are available to their state but it also goes to show what competition is able to do for any economy and how that industry is going to be able to flourish thanks to it.

I have a budget as a college student. With the rising costs of tuition increasing every single year by roughly 5%, it’s not a surprise that students like myself are on the search for the cheapest available services that we can find. In most states that luxury is not going to exist – you typically will find yourself with only a single company who is able to provide any certain service which means they are quite capable of charging whatever they please despite consumer frustrations with the status quo. Here, where the number of energy companies is higher, the price competition has helped us a lot.

And yet if the prices of energy and tuition continue going up without a rise in wages for the middle class, we’re going to see a serious problem arise if nothing is done to fix this. We are beginning to feel the pinch in a serious way without any relief in sight. A lot of forgiveness programs are being made available for individuals who have a lot of debt on their hands, student loan debt that is, but without actual help in a diminishing of costs or at the very least normalizing tuition many of us are not going to be able to afford to go to school.

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